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Support and training is comprehensive, individually planned and community-oriented.
Our programmes have two major focuses.
● Workplace Participation – Voluntary employment positions are arranged with local businesses. Placements are usually for one hour per week and at no cost to the employer. Each person is accompanied by a support person who assists them and looks after their needs. Most people have one work placement, related to their interests and abilities.
● Individual Personal Development – Each person has their own programme designed to meet their needs, incorporating life skills, communication, functional education, community orientation, physical therapy and recreational pursuits. Activities include horse riding, swimming, cooking, computer activities, crafts, woodwork, shopping, lunch out, attending festivals or outings. Physical needs to be met include eating, toileting, physiotherapy, appropriate downtime, medication and medical assistance.
The overall philosophy and practice is to ensure people have interesting, full and meaningful lives.
The aim of the Chris Ruth Centre is to be part of the working culture within our community. The Community benefits by having our people experiencing a quality of life that would not otherwise be available to them.
It is also very valuable for the wider community to have our people alongside them in mainstream life.